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Environmental Links: Office Garden Update and More

Have a look at how our office plants are doing! (Images on Flickr)

"How to go local without going loco": advise on how to gradually shift your consumption/diet away from food that has been transported hundreds of kilometers to local food. It’s not very realistic to switch directly over to eating everything local, but maybe you can take some steps this summer in the direction of local food?

Amazing: Bolivia is going to give nature human rights. The “Law of Mother Nature” will establish eleven new rights for nature, including

the right to life and to exist; the right to continue vital cycles and processes free from human alteration; the right to pure water and clean air; the right to balance; the right not to be polluted; and the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered.

(via utnereader)

Types of food that are bad for the environment. So stop it with the rice, sugar and candy, will you?

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Environmental links on Earth Day!

It’s Friday! The weekend is starting! And it’s Earth Day! Messzelátó will be going to the Central European University to celebrate the day and convince all the students of how awesome we are and how they should absolutely join us in our workshops and other efforts to help the environment. We’ll be there from 12.30! Stop by! 

If you can’t (if you can too), you might as well spend your last few hours at work/school clicking on these cool links to make the waiting period for when you can officially relax a little shorter and much more enjoyable. We won’t tell your boss. Here are this week’s environmental links:

The image is from Nava Lubel, an artist who used old bills and documents to make a paper sculpture closely resembling the inside of a tree. Have a look at her work! (Via Unconsumption)

Milenaris’ Earth Day program starts at 14.00 and goes on until 20.00 tonight! There’ll be a recycling market, film screening and hip-hop!

On the occasion of Earth Day 2011, Európa Pont has selected recycling as its major theme. During the day, the assortment of excitingly colourful products made from recycled materials is aimed at raising visitors’ awareness of the various creative possibilities offered by the conscious recycling of refuse.

15 bizarre green inventions: A thing that makes toilet paper out of office paper waste! Eco-friendly bombs!!!…wait?

From FakeScience: how to solve the fossil fuel crisis (via repeatyourlesson)

Americans are having their ‘Bike to Work Week’ this week. Obviously, you should consider biking to work for more than a week, but this beautiful spring week might just be a good time to start! Have a look at this list things you should do to prepare. (It might also be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Hungarian rules for bikers - the police seem to have it in for us these days and will gladly pull you over for biking on the sidewalks, not having the correct lights etc. Yes, I have personally experienced this. No, it was not fun.)

Recycling ideas for easter! Cool stuff to do with toilet paper rolls! We’ve already tried it and it’s quite easy and very cute. Perfect 10 minute project.

The office version. 

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Environmental Links: how to buy a decent used bicycle and more

Nature does some pretty spectacular things sometimes: top 10 tornado videos.

How good are walnuts for you? Just that good.  Now go out and buy a bag!

Super cool for anyone in love with typewriters: typewriters hooked up to computers via USB.

How to buy a good-quality used bicycle.

20 types of trash you can actually compost and 22 things you didn’t know you could compost! (via Fuckyeahpermaculture)

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Environmental Links: books about the environment and more

12 reasons you should start using a bicycle as transportation.

Do you like to read? Then you can track what you read on Goodreads, which is a social site for people who read books (no matter if you read a little or a lot). And they have several lists made by members that might help you decide what to read, like Best Environmental BooksBest Fiction Books about the Environment and Sustainability and Best Sustainability. Go read!

Click here and watch a time-lapse of the changing seasons on earth. I love the changing seasons, and watching it from space is pretty cool!

Towards a greener world? the WWF has launched a file format that works much like the .pdf, but can’t be printed. Going paperless is important, for sure, but the author of this article comments on how this initiative might not be all that effective towards reducing waste and saving the world.

An interesting debate for local food enthusiasts: is it always right to focus on how far food has travelled?

Take roses. It turns out that the carbon footprint of Kenyan roses (grown in the sun) is much, much less than that of Dutch roses, which are grown in heated greenhouses. Yes, the Kenyan roses are air-freighted in, but the impact of Dutch forced heating is much greater (even when combined heat and power is utilised). Yes, air freight is a whooping proportion of the Kenyan roses footprint, but its total footprint is still much less than that of the European equivalents - and that is the key fact.

Via Lists Galore: Creative ways to reuse tea bags, popsicle sticks and old tennis balls  

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Environmental Links: How Old Does a Swan Get?

It’s important to waste some time on the internet every week, and Messzelátó is here to help you do that in a slightly environmental way:

Have a look at these visually powerful ads on the environment.

Starting off with some coolness: Recycling keyboards into Rubik’s cubes! (via Szymon)

You should look at this nice infograph the lifespans of different animals.

Is nuclear power being held to a higher standard than other energy options? George Monbiot very carefully argues that we might be spending too much energy on what’s wrong with nuclear power and not scrutinizing other widespread energy sources, such as coal, in the same way:

My point is that we have to take responsibility for every component of our energy supply and the consequences it carries; not just the section of it that’s produced by nuclear reactors. And we should apply the same standards to all generating technologies. Otherwise, in the name of reducing risks to people and the planet, we will unwittingly increase them.

A devastating photo series on climate change in Bangladesh.

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Environmental Links: where we remind you that it’s time to start gardening

It’s time to think about gardening! It’s THAT time of year! Go out and get planting! I’ll admit I’ve only planted a few of Milla’s plantable seed cards in my window sill, but that’s because I don’t have a garden. Anyone with any patch of land to cultivate should get cracking and wait for the rewards…yum.

Without making any assumptions about what you’ll be doing this weekend, this article might be useful for curing your Saturday or Sunday hangover in a natural way.

An interesting view on plastic: in this article Susan Freinkel argues that we should view plastic as more valuable than we do. After all, it is light, easy to produce and versatile, and it takes hundreds of years to decompose:

(…) Plastic has become synonymous with cheap and worthless, when in fact those chains of hydrocarbons ought to be regarded as among the most valuable substances on the planet. If we understood plastic’s true worth, we would stop wasting it on trivial throwaways and take better advantage of what this versatile material can do for us.

In a world of nearly seven billion souls and counting, we are not going to feed, clothe and house ourselves solely from wood, ore and stone; we need plastics. And in an era when we’re concerned about our carbon footprint, we can appreciate that lightweight plastics take less energy to produce and transport than many other materials.

In scary times, knowledge is power. Here’s a list of all nuclear accidents since 1952, sorted chronologically and by severity.

Bad news for polar bears: Russia has lifted the ban on hunting polar bears. With all the stories in the news illustrated by a lonely bear on an ice flake, I thought they were suffering enough as it was, but it’s apparently time to be scared of men with guns too.

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